DeFi for Everyone 

Making sense of DeFi with a simple and accessible user experience


95% of crypto assets are idle - unlock and realise the value of your funds through DeFi

Providing the infrastructure and direction necessary for you to maximise returns


Discover new accessible tools with simple guidance that accommodates all users within the DeFi space


Powerful DeFi tools made by

MIT & Ycombinator Alumni

Liquidity Pools

Earn fees through locking up your crypto assets into smart contracts and provide liquidity on exchanges

Yield Farming

Gain interest by putting your capital to productive use in money markets on various protocols

Flash Loans

Borrow crypto without having to put up any collateral

Leveraged Trading

Increase your exposure to the underlying price of a token whilst running long/short positions, at up to 10x leverage

Technical Analysis

Use past market data to identify future price trends
and signals when trading

Coming Soon:

1. Smart Contract dependency tree
2. Self served margin-call push notification service
3. Maximum leverage table
4. Compound Optimisation model
5. Token price volatility score

Governance Token

Our governance token is not far away! If you would like to register for our private beta, please email


keyTango, set up in 2019, is an Israel-based platform that offers guidance aiming to integrate and aggregate DeFi products. It is VC-backed, and with a team comprised of MIT, Ycombinator and Enigma alumni, it has all the tools and infrastructure necessary to deliver world-class, cutting edge innovations in DeFi and Crypto. 
We provide accessible and accommodating infrastructure to make sense of products within the DeFi space. These products are often inaccessible or complicated for most retail investors, meaning DeFi is often only profitable for professionals. The fact that the average borrow position on Compound is $18,000 serves as confirmation of this. Our key mission lies in simplification and accessibility, applied to a range of financial products such as leveraged lending and flash loans across multiple protocols.

94 Yigal Alon St. Tel Aviv, IL

Tel:  +972-54-247-9955


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