COMP Interest Optimization

Maximise interest, adjust for risk


The COMP optimisation provides information on how to get the most out of your funds by displaying the interest returned by investing each token on the Compound platform. With easy-to-digest risk metrics and visualisation, the table shows the returns on different tokens when one is invested. For example, when DAI is deposited, the highest return that can be obtained is from BAT, at the time of writing is 25.45% APY.

The model also adjusts for risk, as leverage can be used to borrow additional tokens that can be invested. Each token has a collateral factor, which is used to calculate the maximum amount that can be borrowed if that token is used as collateral. However, using leverage increases the risk of each position, as more of each token is exposed to price volatility.

Last update: Mon, July 20, 18:20 GMT
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