Looking for CTO Co-founder

keyTango's vision is to build a no-code DeFi prime brokerage, opening DeFi to retail investors. We are looking for a technical co-founder / CTO to join the ride. Here is our short blurb:

“The DeFi market is exploding with 300% growth over the past 3 months alone ($2.6B). DeFi is promising to democratize access to powerful financial instruments. But the unspoken truth is that in its current state DeFi is only useful for pro’s. The average borrow position on Compound, which is the biggest DeFi product, is $18,000, making it clear that it is mostly used by pros. For anyone who tried using DeFi before, it is easy to understand why, current DeFi products are just overwhelming. keyTango solves that. We make DeFi accessible and simple. Our platform provides access to tools like leverage and flash loans. We provide a simple, no-code UX.

Dan Danay, keyTango’s CEO is a YCombinator, MIT and Enigma alum. We are participating and backed by Outlier Venture Basecamp. “

We are hoping to find a CTO / co-founder, with previous founding team or at least very early stage experience, with interest in: DeFi (Best), Blockchain (great), Fintech (good). From a technical perspective, I am looking for someone with a broad skillset but programming experience is expected. Bonus points for working knowledge of solidity, experience with cyber-security, cryptography, or trading.

email me at: [email protected]

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