Max Leverage Table


This tool displays all possible leveraged positions that can be taken on each token on different platforms. This is useful if you wish to increase your exposure to the underlying token and increase returns on your strategies.

Last update: Sat, July 18, 01:00 GMT


Green fill = maximum leverage per token
Blue fill = possible leverage positions

Yellow fill = unable to borrow on platform (collateral factor = 0)

* Oasis, Maker, Dharma only generate DAI; maximum leverage is shown for each token used as collateral

Whilst most platforms allow leveraged lending, each has a different way of providing this service. Compound, Aave and Nuo allow the most tokens to be borrowed using leverage, but do not always offer maximum leverage; whilst borrowing DAI, ETH and USDC can allow up to 4x leverage on Compound, DyDx allows 7.6x.


Some platforms such as Nuo allow a large number of tokens to be used as collateral to borrow various tokens, whereas others such as Oasis only allow DAI to be borrowed using various tokens as collateral. With this information, consumers can now find the platform that allows the maximum leverage for a token or which ones that can be deposited as collateral.

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