MIT DeFi Product

& Tech Lead

About us:

  • keyTango is a platform for retail investors to discover and invest in deep DeFi products such as yield farming and liquidity pools. We believe that DeFi should be more inclusive

  • Our team consists of MIT, Ycombinator and Enigma MPC alumni

  • We are proud to be backed by Outlier Ventures and other leading crypto investors

  • We are launching our governance token Jan 2021 

  • We really appreciate MIT and are looking for an MIT student/affiliate to help us build amazing an amazing product from the ground up

About the role:

  • You will lead a significant part of our product and technical development

  • You will work directly with the CEO

  • Must be able to devote at least 10 hours weekly

  • This can be a paid, part time position


We are looking for winners and are hiring for who you are, we believe that capabilities >> experience. Having said that the following experience will be valued: 

  • Blockchain related work and knowledge, even better if you know solidity and/or interacted with Ethereum smart contracts before

  • Bonus points if you are "crypto native" and personally participated in:

  1. Token sales either in; teams that issued tokens (successful or otherwise), as a direct retail investor or through a fund

  2. DeFi products

For more info please contact me directly at: